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Predator Arts is an underground art based in California. It consists of different styles of grappling and striking that are organized by moves, stances, and sequences. The art was started by David Blaine and is taught in numerous places across the United States. There are many videos and articles written about this art and its history and techniques.

This style of martial arts is unique because most other styles are designed to achieve a specific objective. For instance, a kick-boxing opponent would not use a kick but rather a knee strike or elbow strike to incapacitate their opponent and end the fight quickly. The assailant does not rely on power for their survival, but instead relies on speed, finesse, and surprise.

Some people think that Predator Arts is some sort of hybrid between a mma and grappling art. It is not. This style of martial arts is not based off any specific martial art, but instead it is developed from different martial arts combined together. Most of these arts include grappling, striking, and throws.

Moves in this style of art come from a variety of different sources. These moves include kicks, punches, elbows, knees, punches, gouges, head butts, and blocks. Many of the techniques use joint locks, dominant positions, and holds that enable you to control your opponent while in combat. A few of these moves use throws and takedowns as well. The overall objective is to incapacitate your opponent so that they cannot continue fighting. As with most self-defense techniques, these are designed to be effective only when used properly and with extreme caution.

Most of the strikes in predator arts are single target moves. Kicks, punches, elbows, and knees are the main strikes used in this style of fighting. It can also include holding someone below the waist and executing a rear naked choke.

This art emphasizes striking and holds more than just the upper body. Stabs, jabs, and other single or multiple hit moves are used to inflict damage on an opponent. Those who practice predator styles of art often focus on headbutts, headlocks, and pins. Many of the strikes in this style of fighting are considered to be risky and have the potential to cause permanent damage to an opponent if not executed properly.

The art of Kung Fu is one of the oldest martial arts that evolved from Chinese fighting techniques. This type of fighting developed during the Song Dynasty in the seventh through tenth centuries. While some aspects of the art have been adopted from other cultures, most of the moves and concepts are original Chinese. These techniques were used by Chinese military leaders as well as being passed down to martial artists who trained within the system.

Some of the most popular moves from this style of fighting include the knife strike, tiger claw, and dragon claw. Knife attacks involve using an object such as a pen or a finger to attack the target. Tiger claw involves the use of both hands to attack an opponent and deliver a strike with great power. Dragon claw involves using both feet to attack an opponent and deliver a strike with great strength. This form of combat is often seen in movies and television shows as well as featured in many books and martial arts programs.

Predator Arts is used as self-defense training for a variety of reasons. Many women take advantage of this unique fighting style because it teaches women how to defend themselves against an attacker when no one else is around. For instance, if you’re at home and you see your spouse getting out of the shower, you can quickly grab a knife and attack him/her while you’re there.

Other types of the art include those that focus on attacking from a safe distance. Most of these techniques to teach users how to deal with situations where they’re surrounded by many attackers. Typically, a closer attacker won’t last very long and the closer attacker will get easily defeated if they’re engaged with proper techniques. It’s important, therefore, to engage in this type of self-defense training early in life to ensure you have the tools to protect yourself should someone attempt to harm you.

If you want to learn about predator self-defense and other self-defense training, then contact a local defense studio. You’ll find instructors who are experts in the subject matter, have certifications, and who know what they’re talking about. Some of the best martial arts academies also incorporate aspects of the art into their self-defense classes. Check them out before you sign up for anything!

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