Standard Different types of Martial Arts 

There are various kinds and varieties of martial arts which are commonly practiced around the globe today. Some of the most popular types of martial arts are karate, tae kwon Do, kung fu and judo, which are commonly practiced by youths, seniors and professionals. Judo is a Japanese form of martial art and is one of the most popular forms of training for martial artists. It is also one of the most popular choices of training for self defense for women. No doubt, there is a lot to learn with regards to judo, but the benefits of becoming a Judo master are definitely worth the learning curve.

Judo is known as the art of Japan but it actually got its start in the early nineteenth century in the Imperial Japan. It was started by a man named Kano. He realized the flaws in some of the striking techniques of samurai warriors and so he came up with some new and improved striking techniques in which were able to help the soldiers fight better. Eventually, these strikes became the basis of Judo, or “Supreme Martial Arts”. Today, Judo is gaining popularity in the west as well.

Another great type of training for martial artists is Aikido. Aikido means “competent perception” and it aims to control your opponent using techniques which are based on ancient Aikido principles. Among the many Aikido techniques is Shikai, which literally means “cutting” or “striking the opponent”. For this reason, Aikido is also known as “the cleansing martial art form”.

Another type of training that is gaining popularity is Hapkido, which is a continuation and development of the Aikido principle of “inkingai”, or “surrounding the strike with a shadow”. The primary teaching principle of Hapkido is that all physical actions should be performed from a balanced and symmetrical distance from the opponent. Many of the physical attacks used in Hapkido are variations of strikes utilized in the Aiki system, such as the Shikai, or front leg attack, or the rear foot attack, among others. Hapkido is most commonly utilized in Japan, where it is often called “Hapkido with a Katana”, or “the sword and katana”, although there are also schools in other countries.

Finally, one of the most popular and earliest types of martial arts used the use of weapons based fighting techniques. Some of these are still active today in their original form. One of these would be Japanese Karate, which is a closely guarded secret even today, being practiced covertly by specially trained individuals. Another weapon based style of karate is the Bak Mei weapons based style, which consists of hand to hand combat. It was created in China and so the term “Bak Mei” means “made of two handed weapons”. This martial art originated with the use of Spears were made of wood and metals.

Another school of martial arts, which developed before the existence of Hapkido would be the jojutsu, or four handed combative systems. This is a close combat technique and so the term “Jujutsu” means “combative”. The earliest jujitsu masters were from the ninja, or secret agents, of the Japanese military. They developed the jojutsu movements in response to the lack of available karate katas for them to perform. Today, jujutsu is the basis of many forms of competitive fencing.

Then there is Taekwondo, also known as Korean martial arts, which is the most well known of all the various types of martial arts. It developed out of several other disciplines which were developed in early modern Japan, including boxing and wrestling. The key weapon in Taekwondo is the Taekwondo shield, which can be used as a strike or defense tool. There are several different types of Taekwondo, including Baguazhang, or internal martial art, and Jime-Seom, or Korean martial art of dance.

Finally, there is Japanese martial arts such as Judo, or Jiu Jitsu, and the history of these techniques is not clear at all. Some believe that judo was derived from Chinese fencing, while others say it was created by an unknown person. However, one thing is for sure – no matter what type of fighting arts you study, you will develop your fists, elbows, feet, shoulders, and even your spine! This is why there are so many different types of Brazilian, Russian, Korean, or any other martial art!

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